Direct-Drive (interaktives Direktgetriebe), FE-C (Fitness-Equipment-Control), PWR (Power), S&C (Speed & Cadence), Wireless ANT+ (FE-C, Leistung & Geschwindigkeit & Trittfrequenz), Bluetooth (FTMS, Leistung & Geschwindigkeit & Trittfrequenz). 15w is a tough bit high. Klassenprimus ist der Direto XR von Elite mit 2.300 Watt. The first is their Elite My E-Training app, which you can do calibrations from within: As with most trainers, they recommend you warm-up first: And then there’s the Elite Upgrado app – which actually launched in the fall of 2019 for updating Elite trainers (finally!). You’d probably be able to find some gears where it works fine but you won’t be able to use all of them. Where it can matter though is at low-speed high wattage climbs up those 12% or beyond ascents. I know Zwift doesn’t support ant+ for the hrm-tri. But be mindful of the scale of this particular graph here. That’s just the one I use, and I use it only because 13 or so years ago when I got into cycling, that’s what someone first recommended. it is a small problem that in a few case i hear from the costumers. – Now includes 1-month Zwift coupon. So why not just get the better trainer? Unlimited ANT+ connections, but only a single Bluetooth Smart connection. If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. – By having an endless cassette, then it makes it easier to go up that hill because most people can spin more efficiently at 90RPM then 50RPM when the hills get really steep – that article explain exactly that. Eine Zahlungsangabe ist in diesem Moment noch nicht nötig. The key is to partially ignore that and simply measure the axle height from the ground to the rear axle. Below are the most popular. Der Elite Direto XR ist die dritte Generation der smarten Direto Trainer. Das neue, größere Schwungrad verbessert das Fahrgefühl des Elite Direto XR spürbar. Dont forget to warm up your trainer. Von Simon Müller Vom 20. In the case of the above workout, it was after doing 90 mins of relatively hard riding. The Tuo feels as good if not better (to me) than the Kickr2 direct drive I had. And as I am from europe, Zwift tricked my by telling me to go 37 km/h and then do the spindown, That is not working. For the same money. Das ermöglicht es, Pedalanalyse-Daten anzubieten, die den Leistungsmessern von Garmin ziemlich nah kommen. Wish them (Elite) good luck as they need to improve this. Der neue Direto XR ist die Weiterentwicklung des Direto X und soll an Leistungsfähigkeit gewonnen haben. It’s the wrench. But in this case I found that keeping it on the upper half made a big difference in the power stability (how much it wobbles). I pedaled faster and the calibration through zwift worked. It came with a Zwift card and another card that has a picture of an oil can and a cassette. Elite's Direto XR is a very solid smart trainer with accurate power. What app? Elite Direto XR setup. Some short rides and riders can get away with no motion. Thank you Versandarten. The inability to evenly perform burst intervals of less than 20-30 seconds means a lot of workouts are off the table (unless I want to be really annoyed). For example, one thing I noted that’s important in my review is putting your front chainring into the small ring (as every ERG app and trainer company recommends). In the case of simulation (aka slope) mode, the Direto XR can simulate from 0% to 24% incline – way above the original Direto X at 18%, and well beyond anyone else at this price range. From my W10 desktop, using ANT+, no wrench. But at the end of the day, you might just be wondering “What does Ray use when not testing new products?”. In any case, that’s not a hugely long list of new things, but some of the items in it are big ticket ones – notably the inclusion of a cassette, but also the increased grade simulation. I ended up buying an Elite Tuo which I’m quite happy with. Are you look at two head units/watches concurrently, or after the fact data comparisons? That’s where I got in trouble installing a new saddle. For most of the users, Direto works fine with ERG mode, but we’d like to go deeper on that. Sadly not, off-brand there. I feel like the 24% grade and 2300W capability is more about bragging than useful product design. B. You’ll see the trainer enumerated in a fairly similar manner on TrainerRoad as well: Also, TrainerRoad’s tips page on using smart trainers in ERG mode (which interestingly thinks this trainer is the Elite Real E-Motion B+): I’d *strongly* recommend you either read that page, or just simply do two things: A) Calibrate the Direto XR: I did it once upon initial setup, but never calibrated again. I think they wrongly translated mph into kph. And if I have to adjust the shifting every time I use the trainer, I’ll probably end up getting rid of it. Hi Alan, Narrator: In a strange turn of events, AW is now walking is bike and trainer up the hill…err…garage. Zusätzlich kannst du eine Verbindung zu deinem Fahrradcomputer, Laptop, Smartphone oder Tablet über ANT+ oder ANT+ FE-C herstellen. PS: Really enjoyed you detailed review of this trainer. Also included is a 30-day trial on Zwift, and the manual you won’t read: There’s a power cord, which measures 2.5 meters: Atop that there’s the front wheel block, which helps keep your front wheel straight, as well as makes the rest of the bike even in height. “….You need to change the ‘Trainer Difficulty’ level to 100% in order to feel it (and most people don’t bother to)….”. Should I just swap it to a 11-34 one ? Most gears are completely off, or won’t shift at all. – Integrated Power Meter (OTS), with accuracy claim of +/- 1.5% There’s no better test of that than 30×30 repeats (30-seconds at a high resistance, followed by 30-seconds at an easy resistance). That said, it’s a bit of a spec battle for the sake of battling. Also I use a 11-34 cassette on the bike. As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. Thank you. Beim Kauf des Direto XR bekommst du 12 Monate lang freien Zugang zur App My E-Training und es gibt Zwift für einen Monat kostenlos. As I wrote in my previous comment, it is better to test these outside of Trainer Road. Elite Direto X 3 Tests. Le vélo est très stable grâce au poids du home trainer, à la taille des trois pieds, et à la possibilité de régler la hauteur des pieds dans le cas où le plancher ne serait pas parfaitement plat. In dieser Zeit kannst du dir einen Überblick verschaffen, mit der Community interagieren und Zwift testen. While the Suito was pretty darn close last year to the perfect trainer unboxing, this one just seems a tiny bit more polished somehow. I thought of outright adjusting it from scrtch – but when I put the wheel back on, the shifting is fine. There’s a thread on the Elite forums about this. The Direto XR is at 805€ including shipping and the CORE is at 850€ including shipping, a Shimano 105 cassette and the tools. Specifically whether or not it’s powered/plugged in, followed by whether or not there’s an ANT+ device, and/or then a Bluetooth Smart device controlling it. Because if you start pedaling after you have choose the route in some cases with Zwift do you feel an heavy resistance, it is a wrong message send from the app, i think. Wir finden es etwas verwirrend, dass bei dem billigeren Elite Suito Smart Trainer mehr Metall im Gehäuse verbaut wurde als in dem teuren Direto XR. Is it possible to put a 148mm boost frame on this trainer? Er ist in der Lage, Steigungen von bis zu 24% zu simulieren, wobei eine Leistung von 2300 Watt bei einer Geschwindigkeit von 40 km/h entwickelt wird, 10% mehr als der Direto konnte und 6% mehr als der Direto X. It works for many, but I and others find that the level setup leads to more pressure on the hands and arms. They all should use the same Bluetooth protocol to transmit commands to the unit. This isn’t right. It doesn't have smartphone/ANT+/Bluetooth integration, but it does have secondary outlets. But using the 3-rd and 4-th smallest rings on the cassette aren ot an option. Still some noise on the individual levels. Sure, they're not as powerful as a Wahoo Headwind, but I could literally buy 20 of them for the same price. Thanks for reading! Peter. Instead, what matters is actually a harder metric to make clear – which is the ability to simulate high grades and lower speeds (especially if you’re a heavier cyclist). I like my front wheel to stay put and not aimlessly wiggle around. Muss man dafür Abstriche in der Leistung in Kauf nehmen oder kann der Elite Direto XR mithalten? I was told to put the performance up to 6 in my myETraining app from Elite. Does someone as a solution to this issue? So by going into the small ring, you reduce the speed, which in turn makes it easier to control. I start the video and want to start pedalling, but the trainer doesn’t move with a super high resistance. I’d love to know where you can get them for that price. Or I just got a “Monday” product…. Equally, with a wheel-on trainer although there is no wheel assembly, you do need to make sure your tyre is clean and have the right tyre pressure and finally regulate the resistance unit so you apply the correct amount of pressure on your tyre. There’s also the axle adapters for thru-axle and standard quick release, plus two spacers in the event you need to swap out the cassette. Yes, the resistance did increase, but your speed did not. A. Road-feel: the heavier flywheels that direct-drive trainers have offer more inertia effect replicating better outdoor riding. So hat sich die Größe des Schwungrads von 4,2 kg auf 5,1 kg erhöht. How is the ERG mode responsiveness of this trainer? On Zwift: That’s handy if you’re connecting to Zwift on an Apple TV, due to Apple TV’s two concurrent Bluetooth Smart sensor limitation (plus the Apple TV remote). Though also, historically speaking they didn’t have an easy way to issue those till the Upgrado app last year. I also just put together my complete ‘Gear I Use’ equipment list, from swim to bike to run and everything in between (plus a few extra things). Is this a very significant difference? 1.470,- € Tacx T8000 NEO Bike Smart Heimtrainer. Thank you! Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Thank you for raising this question. Just as an example after 5 years using the Garmin Edge 1000 it still has some crazy flaws so I care less about updates and rather look for a stable working unit. If this is the case then the fault is with the app developers. I am thorn between this one and the Core, I was considering the Core too but I think the Direto XR is more future proof and I have better Elite support in my area. Aww… bummer. So before ending the workout unplug in the desired level of resistance Easy to set up and connect, great design and a smooth riding experience. I ended up buying the Elite Suito. Der Direto XR soll einen höheren Tretwiderstand und eine bessere Leistungsgenauigkeit als der Suito bieten, dabei aber benutzerfreundlicher als der Drivo II sein. But as a result, the power overshoots the target by over 100W before stabilizing to the desired watts – making the training session much harder to complete. I’ve got the Elite Tuo out in the Cave right now, which would act the same way on SufferFest, and I’ll probably be doing a ride on Sufferfest in the coming days, so I can double-check that aspect there. In many European countries when they say ‘Race’ they mean ‘Road Bikes’ (because, logically, most other bikes go on the road like commuter bikes). And those that do really want it, probably already have a cadence sensor floating around. Thanks. Hopefully you found this review useful. No regrets. This week I’ll ship it back to my LBS and get a new one. You know how it is: you go for an easy spin and end up like doing sprint intervals or attack every hill. Your reviews and comments about products most valuable!!! Will the derailleur be all mess up with the new cassette ? 2) wheel size : I know that this is a very tricky topic. Only the front derailleur will work marginally worse. It’s going to measure how long it takes to coast to a stop. It's quiet and reliable, and it beats most of its direct competitors on price too. But one room away is acceptable. Thanks for the winky, Ray, but the first thing I did was change my trainer to 100%. Figure +/-2% for each unit – so for 250w that’s +/-5w for each, so a potential cross-over of 10w. Moderators: Elite Admin M, Elite Admin S. 176 posts ... (yet to try on the Elite app). der Wahoo Kickr (21,9 kg). As always for ERG mode, I used the smaller ring in the front chainring (as recommended by trainer company and app company, as it helps control flywheel speed). But is there a way to pair my Garmin hrm-tri to the Direto XR and then pass the heart rate to Zwift by using the Direto XR as an Ant+ to Bluetooth conversion? It still seems to ramp up the resistance pretty suddenly and extremely. January 2019 . Got all that? and a single workout can often let a person know if it works for them or not. (The trainer was connected only to my ipad thrugh bluetooth, dont know if that matter but maybe.). In general, you should calibrate every once in a while (perhaps every few weeks), or anytime you’ve moved the trainer some distance (like to a new home/etc…). Do u have the latest update on your trainer (Can be checked with the app elite upgrado)? I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! I’d rather the darn trainer be accurate to begin with. Is it possible to use the Direto XR with the original 11-speed cassette with a bike with 10-speed without exchanging the original cassette? P.S. Bought these ones last summer: link to Same goes for whatever little I had left in the tank (basically, nothing) for a sprint to the finish: Cadence meanwhile, is mostly very good. And down below there’s the quick release skewer, and various freebies. link to Is this as good as it will get? You can also mix and match and create your own trainer comparison charts with just about any trainer on the market in the aforementioned/linked product database. I have very sensitive neighbors but I only had wheel-on trainers in the past so I don’t have a good noise reference. The Direto XR comes with a free yearly subscription of myETraining then it’s €19.99 per year – compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. Look at the link and you’ll see it next to the power source. It’s even worse on the big ring. Eine Befestigungsoption mit Schnellspannern wäre nutzerfreundlicher. But in doing so, this more powerful Direto kills off the Drivo series trainers from Elite, which were Elite’s prior top-dog trainers. Whereas in the case of TrainerRoad I used it in a structured workout mode (ERG mode). And as for sound? I did a ramp test with increasing power. I’ve just received a Direto XR as a warranty replacement for my Drivo II. Plus, you'll be more awesome. Is that bearable for an apartment or should I go for the Core? Still, it’s pretty darn quiet. Meaning, I suspect this is an algorithm based error rather than interruption based dropout, because I was recording on multiple devices and the power never dropped out (part of the same channel), on any devices. Aber diese Leistungsdaten liegen am Ende einer Skala, die auch ambitionierte Hobbysportler eher selten erreichen. Der DIRETO XR ist eine interaktive Rolle und variiert daher automatisch den Widerstand. – Requires power cable/be plugged in. Elite DIRETO XR Direktantriebstrainer. Watts are watts. Good. My new smart trainer elite XR trainer and the question about the measurements estimates left / right power with the single rate of 9 euros. Hopefully, this will get sorted out. Versatility: actually wheel-on trainers are generally speaking more versatile as they are smaller and lighter and there is no wheel assemply required. Just to be clear — If you click on the description link it cycles back to the article. Can you give + and – after using it for 2 weeks ? My high front axle trick can lead to a similar shift, and works to relieve pressure on many rides I have shared this trick. Which app are you using to try and pair it? Finally, an Elite unboxing that’s flawless. I did not see your answer before. All hardware and software meet requirements. There’s two ways to look at this. Le Direto XR est exploitable dès la sortie du carton. Would it be better to use another app? Imagine a road going up, steeper and steeper. Der Neo 2T Smart T2875 von Tacx bringt es auf steile 25 Prozent und Wahoo bietet den Steigungssimulator Kickr Climb als Zubehör an, der interaktiv mit den Rollen wie dem KICKR SNAP17 und KICKR CORE zusammenarbeitet. Es wäre ideal, wenn der Elite Direto XR eine automatische Kalibrierungsfunktion wie der KICKR Core hätte, aber unsere Tests zeigen, dass er auch ohne ständige Kalibrierung zuverlässige Daten liefert. After setup and the normal spin-down calibration, the Suito was measuring about 15-20watts below the Assioma pedals at my typical race levels (250watts/Zwift B group). “nobody actually wants to go up a 24% hill”, Well, I live in Seattle and I am training so I can make it to the corner from my house without walking. Is the setting in the app wrong? Thanks. Direktes Feedback der Widerstandseinheit. ANT+ Speed/Cadence Profile: This broadcasts your speed and cadence as a standard ANT+ Speed/Cadence combo sensor Leveled on the trainer was nose down on the road. Most important aspects for me in the following order are: ERG responsiveness, noise and climb simulation. Ob das tatsächlich Einfluss auf die längerfristige Haltbarkeit oder Leistung hat, ist schwer zu sagen. In ERG mode the device can control the resistance the better the slower the cassette rotates. Thx a lot for your answer, but it’s odd, I am connected through ANT+ FE-C on windows, and I don’t see the wrench… According to your link I should see it both in ANT+ FE-C and bluetooth ? Sure, it’s not quite in the same grade as a full blown Wahoo KICKR or Saris H3, but it’s not priced there either. I am interested in getting one for the winter. Tacx alluded to some of this in their Flux 2 series, and I included some charts showing it. Wie der Wahoo KICKR Core wird auch der Elite Direto XR über riemengetriebenes Schwungrad angetrieben. So, looking at the Direto XR, the simple answer to all of those is: Pretty darn good in most cases. In manchen Jahren setzt die Motivation für die nächste Saison schon ein bevor die alte vorbei ist… Eindrücke aus den ersten Trainingsmonaten mit dem ELITE Direto. Das ist immerhin ein Plus von 6% gegenüber der 18% des alten Direto X. Mit dieser Weiterentwicklung lässt der Elite Direto XR den Wahoo KICKR Core um satte 8 % hinter sich. Rechnung Lastschrift Vorkasse. I use Apple TV for Zwift the vast majority of the time, but also just for watching YouTube/Netflix/etc on the trainer. Dadurch sitzt er ziemlich locker und neigt beim Bewegen des Elite Rollentrainers dazu abzufallen. I note the fact that in ERG mode it is advisable to shift to a small ring at front and towards the hub at the back. I’ll ask, but I suspect not. Which, in turn gets us to the quick overall specs: – Dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart support, including FE-C and FTMS, plus power/speed/cadence broadcasting This is all in addition to the trainer itself. I think that the best choice would be the Kickr Core since I am used to a very very basic trainer (those cheap 80€ trainers you can buy on Amazon). Elite Direto XR review Sound test DB meter: db meter app running on an iPhone 11 pro max Now we are almost sure it’s ready by that date. Great Elite trainer Direto XR Interaktiv. Once it happened during cadence drills and I was doing 130rpm at 100W – very difficult to do, my body is bouncing off the saddle. Foto zeigt das geringe Packmaß des Elite Rollentrainer Direto XR im Vergleich. 799,- € OREKA TRAINING O5 Direktantriebstrainer. The ERG mode accuracy is crispier than in the past, which Elite says comes from improved algorithms around the newer flywheel size. Just like most other companies’ trainer update apps. This desk is both a knock-off of the original KICKR Desk, but yet also better than it. Canyon Bike Setup #2: Garmin Vector 3 Dual-sided pedals, Quarq DZero crankset Have you tried on different devices? Hi K, thx from your reaction I used the my etraining app from elite. But, if you’re overriding that with a Level command, then basically the trainer has to wait for the next command from the ERG app, which occur when resistance levels change beyond the previously established baseline. Hard for me to believe that thou. In the case of Zwift, I used it in regular riding mode (non-workout mode, aka SIM mode) as well as ERG mode (workout mode). On peut monter d’autres dentures et d’autres types de cassette en changeant le corps. It appears they prefer to have new features exclusively on newer devices even if they could be implemented for the old ones. Boom! What am I gaining by getting the Direto XR over Suito in terms of functionality (beyond dry stats which are available everywhere). It allows you to compare power meters/trainers, heart rate, cadence, speed/pace, GPS tracks and plenty more. I did not change the wheel circumference (around 2100 mm) in the Edge 530. I have installed my 12spd MTB on a 8spd cassette on my trainer and it works fine. I run a 34 x 28 and after two switchbacks at 250+ watts @ 50 rpm up 10-13% inclines…I dialed it back to 70%. Level axles on that setup may result in overloading on the hands and arms. So I’m riding bigger hills than you (and most ppl, I guess) both in real life and in zwift . Aaaand… maybe I should have read more of the comments first. Once I’m done with it, I’ll get it packaged up and back to Elite. If only is was that simple. Desweiteren kann man auf der Elite Plattform virtuelle Videokurse fahren oder eigene GPS-Daten dazu verwenden um Trainingspläne und Workouts zu erstellen. I keep constant 90 rpm cadence, +/- 2 rpm. Depending on which region you’re in, it’s either already available to order and ship today, or it’s on a boat. I used the same wording I had for that table on my Direto X review, so it carried over. Is this normal and thus user error? It really is impressive. So for example, Amazon Germany shows that same fan as 19EUR: link to They’re updating their specs now to conform to how it’s usually spec’d. And atop that, there’s little reason most of this matters if you use the defaults in Zwift, because it automatically halves the values anyway. Er überzeugt durch großartige technische Daten und nützlichem Zubehör, dass man bei anderen Trainern extra kaufen muss. If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. Increase Moment of Inertia 26%. In genearl, you can get away with it for pure ERG mode, because there are gears that’ll be just fine. Am I missing something ? I’m waiting for a 100% slope unit so you can practice riding into immovable objects. Pedal Analysis is an in-app purchase from the myETraining app. I cover the ERG mode responsiveness within two sections in the review, including the power accuracy section, with a much more difficult 30×30 workout. The whole reason I like zwift and bought the original Drivo was so that I could train with the proper simulated grade. So ERG mode is key. Einmal eingesteckt, wird der Trainer schnell von Zwift gefunden. I too have found this best on my trainer (Kickr Core fwiw), can anyone explain to me why this is the case? Seems wrong. Super easy. Das des Core liegt bei 5,4 kg. Looking forward to any development about en eventual firmware update for older Diretos! That said, 3 years ago the gap between the two was more or less double compared to where we are today. It changes resistance uphill/downhill in Zwift so that works. Brilliant, thanks for the prompt response. Note some trainers do come with them. But, if you want it, it’s listed under ‘Power Smoothing’, where you then pair it up to an external power meter. On the underside of the legs are two feet, in case your floor is wobbly. When you increase your cadence, at the same resistance level the power increases. I am not bothered with accuracy since I train only on this trainer. Elite hat eine eigene iOS- und Android-App namens Upgrado, um die Firmware des Elite Direto XR zu aktualisieren. – Axle Compatibility: Race 130x5mm, MTB 135x5mm, 142x12mm (with adapter for 135×10-12mm & 148x12mm) I’m coming in to explain the whole thing Any help would be welcome; I’ve been struggling for a few days now and am on the verge of returning the bike. The Direto XR comes fully setup out of the box, with everything you need to get started included. But yeah, gotta add a picture of it for sure! Not per the spec, though, they might have enough overlap within their existing extra pedaling metrics to make it work. From the trainer itself, without any app or device, you can’t follow a program. Here’s that data: Now in this case there’s a slight offset between the Direto XR and the two other power meters. Setting it to 10, which I belive is max is not an option. I have a few issues I’m trying to resolve and haven’t had any luck yet…. Will you test our product before release? Please let me know if you sort it out. So what about actual power accuracy then? Appreciate it! Has anyone a clue why the result looks best with the manufacturer’s app used? The resistance goes up and down, seemingly at random, then will get so hard that I can barely turn the cranks. Can you please open a ticket at the link below? The Tuo still (a year later), isn’t shipping yet. I updated to firmware 073 prior to making this test. In these cases the Direto XR takes a long time as well to adapt to target power. Diese werden zum Lösen und Verriegeln per Hand auf- und zugeschraubt. Links from the accessoires list link need to be fixed, they link the review itself, not the item on Amazon. The issues you describe are usual for the high power trainers. Rechts daneben sieht man den, aus der gleichen Perspektive fotografierten Rollentrainer mit eingeklappten Standbeinen.Der Elite Direto XR lässt sich platzsparend zusammenklappen. Unsere Antriebseinheit und die Schalvorgänge haben erheblich mehr Lärm gemacht. Do you have a bike computer like Garmin Edge 530 or Wahoo Bolt? So Zwift is strictly about power output, and not the rotational speed of the flywheel? Rollentrainer. Hi Konstantinos, It’s quite awkward with my laptop and where I put it (maybe I should buy a laptop stand for my trainer). I tried to register with the Elite forum days ago to comment but it requires approval and they seem to not be approving. And I spend most of my time in TrainerRoad while watching either BikeTheWorld YouTube videos or Zwift. Ok, with all the basics out of the way, let’s talk app compatibility. And each one has a different cleat type on them (SPD-MTB/Look-Keo/SPD-SL). Oh, and free US shipping too! Try through the MyETraining app on your phone. Im Vergleich zum Direto X, der Steigungen von bis zu 18% simulierte, kann der DIRETO XR Steigungen von bis zu 24% simulieren, indem er bis zu 2300 Watt bei 40 km/h liefert. I know that we are human and it si impossible to keep the power really ‘flat’ but fluctuations of 30/40W in erg mode are not a normal behaviour in my opinion. In that case, those were pretty darn smooth. If you click on the word Amazon in the next column it goes to the correct product page. But that would just push me to getting the H3. Garmin does it as well. It’s like trying to move a wall before I can start my training. It often happens on my Drivo2 when I backpedal during the interval, or for any other reason when I cannot hold the prescribed wattage. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Doch dazu später mehr. Cheaper is better apparently. There’s a million types/brands/etc. Zwift Anmeldung und Test: Mit Zwift kannst du auf deinem Computer/MAC und sogar auf dem iPad und iPhone und den aktuellen Android-Smartphones Spaß haben. Elite Direto XR Interaktiv Trainer. Pls add a note to my attention. There the ERG mode kind of fails. Power smoothing was on level six. Second option and the recommendation I suggest is to have the front wheel 1-2″ [25-50mm] higher than the rear axle.